The Arabic Language Division (ALD) was created in 2012 to facilitate communication among its members. It provides information and services in specific fields of interested related to translations that deal with the Arabic Language. We hope to bring together a community of professional translators and interpreters who can share resources, experience, and expertise that will benefit all. We also hope to create an environment for professionalsin the field to network, to help grow their businesses, and to keep up with the new trends and ever changing technological advances in this our profession. In addition, we hope that ALD will create a forum where Arabic translators and interpreters can develop best practices.  All ALD members are invited to join the ALD listserv, a discussion forum open to all ALD members.

Yahoo List

As a member of ALD, you have the great opportunity to network with other Arabic translators and interpreters online.
If you don t already have a Yahoo! account, you will need to get one. Go to click where it says New User. The next page will take you through the steps.
When you have a Yahoo! account, you can request to join the ATA-ALD Listserve by going to this link:
and clicking “Join This Group!”
You can control how you receive messages: individual messages, a daily digest, or you can choose to receive no messages and just access it online. If you have any problems, feel free to contact the listserve moderator:
Heather Knight Wiersema

About The Arabic Language Division