Annual Report (2016)

2016 Arabic Language Division Report

Below is a summary of the ALD activities for 2016:

  • The process for theEnglish>Arabic exam is moving forward. The ATA’s Certification Committee has invited three people to be graders. They are currently looking to invite one more.
  • We have three presentations at the San Francisco Conference this year.
  • There have been discussions concerning setting up a testing center where all ATA certification exams could be held in the Middle East, but this is on hold until the current certification test is fixed & vetted.
  • ALD Nominating Committee members need to be selected to nominate candidates for the 2017 ALD election. They have to be voting members and can’t be on the leadership voting.
  • ALD is still actively seeking volunteers for the school and client outreach programs. Please contact me or Heather for more details.
  • Ghada Shakir, a member of the ALD, participated in the School Outreach Program and she had a great experience.
  • ALD is actively looking for members whom would be interested in presenting a presentation or a Webinar for the Arabic Language Division. Please contact Sam Fatima or Heather Wiersema if you have any ideas.
  • ALD is working on setting up podcasts for our members. 
  • As far as last year's conference:
    • Members of the ALD presented a number of interesting sessions at the Miami conference, with good attendance. 
    • We had a healthy crowd of members attending the off-site event at the Miami conference, where they enjoyed a networking dinner. 
    • collected the 50 signatures and 10 letters needed to initiate the writing of the English to Arabic exam.  Sadly, the ALD leadership has experienced nothing but problems from the exam committee since then.  Hopefully next we will see movement next year.

We look forward to another productive year.