Marhaba! مرحباً

Marhaba! We are excited to welcome you to the newly established Arabic Language Division. As many of us know, Arabic is a language spoken by millions of people around the world, is one of the six official languages of the United Nations, and has become of crucial importance in the United States today. With the establishment of ALD, we hope to bring together a community of professional translators and interpreters who can share resources, experience, and expertise that will benefit all. We also hope to create an environment for professionals in the field to network, to help grow their businesses, and to keep up with the new trends and ever changing technological advances in this our profession. In addition, we hope that ALD will create a forum where Arabic translators and interpreters can develop best practices.
Professional support
    •    Offer peer-to-peer support through an online forum and a blog
Continuing Education
    •    Support ATA professional development seminars that focus on the demand and the changes that Arabic translators and interpreters face
    •    Identify potential ATA activities relevant to Arabic translators and interpreters
    •    Recommend division distinguished speakers for the Annual Conference
Career Growth
    •    Support members interested in or needing to understand more about Arabic translation and interpreting by providing a forum to exchange knowledge and professional experience pertaining to Arabic
    •    Offer freelance professionals the potential to expand subject-matter expertise
    •    Provide increased visibility for Arabic translation and interpreting
Core Services The Arabic Language Division will provide the following core services for division members:
    •    Website
    •    Linked in page
    •    Conference sessions
For more information: please contact us. We look forward to working with you.


ALD Administrator: Sam Fatima

ALD Assistant Administrator: Heather Knight Wiersema.