Want to be an ATA-certified translator?
Follow these steps to register for an ATA certification exam:
 Become an ATA memberAs a member of ATA you can alsopurchase practice tests, which provide a practical introduction to the nature of the exam and how the graders mark the test, as well as an indication of how you will do on the exam. Please click here toJoin Online.
 Satisfy the Eligibility RequirementsYou must provide proof of a combination of education and work experience in order to qualify to take the examination. Please click here for the Eligibility Form.
Register for an upcoming exam The certification examination is a three-hour, open-book, proctored exam in a specific language pair. Please click here for the Registration Form.


Anyone who is a general memberof the American Translators Association may also join any of its divisions. When you submit your fee for ATA membership, all you need to do is to check off the box for the ALD division on the application. This will cover your membership for that year.    What does ALD offer?
Professional support
    •    Offer
peer-to-peer supportthrough an online forum and a blog
Continuing Education
    •    Support ATA
professional development seminars that focus on the demand and the changes that Arabic translators and interpreters face
Identify potential ATA activities relevant to Arabic translators and interpreters
    •    Recommend division
distinguished speakersfor the Annual Conference
Career growth
    •    Support members interested in or needing to understand more about Arabic translation and interpreting by providing a forum to
exchange knowledge and professional experiencepertaining to Arabic
    •    Offer freelance professionals the potential to expand
subject-matter expertise
    •    Provide increased
visibility for Arabictranslation and interpreting
For more information about becoming a member of the American Translators Association: