The Arabic Language Division's Special Announcement Page

Source, ATA, ALD

APRIL 2017

SOURCE (the literary Division's online journal) is now soliciting contributions relating to literary translation from or into Arabic  for our Summer issue.

FORMAT: Submit articles up to 1600 words, Word or text file, single-spaced. Palatino Linotype size 14 with indented paragraphs (1 tab), no line breaks between paragraphs and no word breaks. Unjustified righthand margin. Endnotes please, not footnotes.

            Please include a brief, factual bio and photograph. Links and illustrations, etc., are encouraged. Submissions may be edited.

Submissions go to   Michele Aynesworth 

Submission deadline: June 1 (members may also submit brief announcements regarding their recent publications, etc., for our Readers' Corner).

Season of Infamy: A Diary of War and Occupation, 1939-1945
SOURCE (quarterly publication for ATA's Literary Division)